Lightness, flatness, cosmetic quality and acoustic performance are the essential prerogatives of our products, designed for suspended panels


Where a perfect combination of design quality, robustness and attention to detail is required, we certainly have a satisfactory solution to offer


We can provide light-weight solutions for kitchen tops by bonding thin fine materials and honeycomb substructures


Our honeycomb panels are the ideal solution when it comes to building large pieces of furniture that can be easily reconfigured


Interior design is one of Starcell’s most exciting areas. In fact, the advancement of technological knowledge has fostered the spread of aesthetic solutions that were once unthinkable. Year after year minimalist design has increasingly been acclaimed by designers who, with their pressing requests, have pushed producers to develop more and more futuristic solutions. This is how large-format, thinner ceramic slabs originated, and the high-quality finishes on stainless steel and solid surfaces became more widespread, attracting great interest from the public and from those working in the sector. Starcell contributes to the technological and cultural development of this market by developing ad hoc solutions for furniture with a view to constant improvement and innovation.


Indoors, especially in hotels and large structures, light and modular construction systems are often used to divide up spaces. These ‘dry’ systems have an internal frame with a load-bearing function, covered with large panels with various types of finishing on the visible face.

Starcell products are the best technological solution for such panels, since their lightness makes them fast and economical to install even when the choice falls on large format modules, which are easy to handle, safe, stable and of excellent cosmetic value.

Doors and wings

Contemporary design prefers minimal forms where quality is represented by the purity of the lines and the essentiality of the geometries. With Starcell honeycomb panels it is possible to create very large doors and leaves, even full height, in order to build entire very large walls in which all the technological elements are hidden inside.

The range of solutions is broad and can meet any kind of cosmetic requirement. The edgings replicate the full effect of the composite panel. Special technical solutions make it possible to house hinges and mechanisms inside the thickness of the door.


The minimalism of the most extreme and trendy design increasingly leads avant-garde furniture manufacturers to seek technical solutions capable of solving the difficult problem of obtaining furniture characterized by large surfaces and very small thicknesses. All this without sacrificing material expressiveness, which is also focused on innovation.

High-tech materials such as solid surfaces or stone cut to thicknesses of just a few millimetres require a reinforcement structure that provides load-bearing capacity for heavy-duty surfaces such as worktops, tables, kitchen tops, shelves and shelves. In all these almost impossible situations, Starcell panels can really make a difference.

Starcell uses three different production processes that allow the use of multiple types of coating and finishing materials.

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